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Best Free App Lock For Android

Hi Guys I Will Share In this App All the Mobile App Lock Security Protection that you may need, student, parent & businessperson alike; Mobile App Lock Security is not just cool, but necessary, whatever you do or wherever you go, especially as you surf the web. Thats why we are introducing FireScan Technology, which protects you as you use the web.

Best free smart mobile security and privacy protection AppLocker, for all Apps, Photos, and Videos. Best free way to secure all your apps using a Pin, FingerPrint, Pattern, Gesture & Signature or Password on your Android mobile device. Fast and Reliable Antivirus/Malware protection Set it & Forget it

More locking methods than any other Android AppLocker in the Google Play Store & Award-Winning Mobile Security and Gesture Technology You may need or want to secure all apps or hide Photos or Videos Including: Facebook/Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - Lock all your Apps, Photos & Videos, it's so easy, FREE, and even Includes an HD Gallery APPLOCKER VAULT.

It's the Best Mobile Security tool to keep everything Private & Secure - It's the PERFECT APPLOCKER! Install Free Now! The best AppLock, and discover more locking methods than any other AppLocker from PIN, PATTERN, FINGERPRINT, GESTURE, and SIGNATURE BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION.

You know who we are and what we do, even our company has been verified on our website by Sym..tec. With myDeviceLock APPLOCK, The answer is YES! Developed by U.S. based mobile IT-Security company Neurologix Security Group's R&D Team; a technology based on Best-of-Class MOBILE device APPLOCKER security.

The app features the Signature & Gesture APP LOCK biometric algorithm, which won a spot: Top 5 Finalists in the Global Security Challenge