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Calendar Vault Lock App For Android

hello Guys today share in this app Calendar vault provides you ultimate secret locker for photos, videos and files. Secretly hide pictures and gallery photo videos and make them safe. Calendar vault looks like a simple calendar but it contains incredible secret gallery lock for hiding photos, videos and files.
Maintain your gallery photo videos, create a secret folder for all your personal photos and videos. Hidden photo vault or pic hider provides you foremost security and privacy. Keep photo, videos and all your files in a safe custody with calendar vault.
Freely handover your phone to friends and family members by hiding your gallery pictures and videos. Enable secret storage and never leak your personal images by using calendar locker app. Hide unlimited number of pictures, videos and other files in calendar vault.
Hide photos
Secret calendar renders you the feature to separately hide your photos. Move your images in a hidden calendar and make your content safe from public. Manage unlimited number of photos from gallery to secret vault and move back your images in your original galley folder
Hide videos by calendar cover
Video vault contains separate section for hiding video. Hide your videos from gallery without deleting them. Lock all your videos in secret calendar with option of move back to original path.
Key Features
Incredible safety and privacy for all images, videos, audio and files
Lock gallery content in a secret calendar with your desired password
Access all your photo, videos using hidden gallery vault
Move all images and videos back to gallery with original path
Properly maintain and hide infinite number of photos and video
Keep files in a safe calendar vault from all public
Reset password for your secret calendar