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Full Battery Alarm App For Android

Hi Friends Today We Are Share In This App Protect your phone and Android Wear Smartwatch battery from overcharging with THEFT alarm. This app notifies you when your battery is fully charged. You can also select battery level and many customization. If you use any task killer app, please add this app to ignore list or white list. Otherwise, application will not work properly. Please go to battery optimizations settings on android settings and uncheck battery optimization for this app to use auto start features.

In the security settings given by Xiaomi default, please include the app for auto start and also include permissions to use auto start features. This application supports Android Wear Smartwatches!!Charge time Remaining time to 100% Sound and vibration alarm when charger is unplugged. (Anti theft alarm) Password security for theft alarm. Easy to use user interface Status message about application

Storage permission: App need this permission for external ringtones, log system and backup/restore settings system. location permission: App use this permission only for ad localization. Contact permission: Apps theft alarm password recovery system. Apps fills your email address automatically when you are setting theft alarm password.

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