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How to Change Voice Male to Female During Call For Android

Hello Friends Today we are sharing new app prank calling people using an app that changes your voice! Make funny prank calls with the Magic Call App The Ultimate Voice Changer on Call & experience fun like never before. Magic Call is just what you need to beat the boredom blues.  Know More About Magic Call App - The Best Fake Call Simulator for April Fools Pranks

Enjoy making fake calls using the REAL-TIME voice changer Make prank calls using backgrounds viz., romantic ambiance, James Bond theme when talking to friends on call & add a little drama to your prank call Earn FREE credits on first time registration Test your voice before making the call
Listen to your funny recorded prank calls under My Recordings or right after the prank call ends

Record & share your fake call or prank callOn WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms CHEAPEST way to make a fake call Play sound emoticons like kiss, clap, etc. during the prank call Talk in Different Voices, Play April Fools Pranks & Fool Your Friends

Magic Call app has multiple voice, which makes it the best prank app in the world like fake call, Hanson Robotics Sophia voice, funny voice changer, voice of the Grinch, female voice changer, say it with Trump, Funny jokes phone, prank call, celebrity voice changer, male voice changer, girl voice changer, sound like Kim Kardashian, etc. This funny prank call app has:

Donald Trump Voice Changer Grinch Voice Changer Humanoid Robot Sophia Voice Changer Kim ardash an Creaky Voice Male Voice Changer How to make Prank calls using Magic Call? Select a Voice. Example - voice of the Grinch, Sofia robot voice, Donald Trump voice, etc. Select a Background. Example - romantic, funny, etc.

Choose a contact or dial a number Start your Magic Call Once the prank call is connected, the voice changer will convert your voice into a womans voice. And thereafter, you can have fun listening to your friends hilarious responses and reactions.