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Best Free Call App On Your Smart Phone

Hello Friends Today Share In this App SigmaCall - application that allows you to make cheap calls to mobile and landline phones around the world at competitive rates using 3G or Wi-Fi.
You can call from anywhere in the world with SigmaCall if there is Internet connection. No matter in what place you are - the cost of the call will be always the same and depends only on the direction of where you are calling.
Pay less, call more often and share your impressions about traveling to another city or country!
Save on calls - calls over SigmaCall significantly cheaper than those offered by mobile operators
Real rates to call - you always know exactly how much the call will cost
High-quality communications - used high standards of equipment provide excellent quality voice calls
Balance can be topped up easily - with bank card, electronic money or cash - choose what suits you
User-friendly interface - an intuitive application interface allows you to quickly and easily make calls
When you install an application, starting balance will already be in your account and will allow testing the application.

Rates for calls through SigmaCall:
Europe, the United States - from 0.012 USD/min (0.60 rubles/min)
China - from 0.014 USD/min (0.73 rubles/min)
Thailand - from 0.015 USD/min (0.75 rubles/min)
India - from 0.021 USD/min (1.09 rubles/min)
Kazakhstan - from 0.023 USD/min (1.19 rubles/min)
Russia - from 0.029 USD/min (1.49 rubles/min)
Uzbekistan - from 0.039 USD/min (2.29 rubles/min)
Turkey - from 0.037 USD/min (1.90 rubles/min)
Russia (all mobiles)- from 0.038 USD/min (1.99 rubles/min)
Rates in the application are listed in Russian rubles