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How to Change Operating System on laptop or computer

Hello Friends Today We are Share in this post How to download and install OS Windows 7
In this post we are going learn how to install os on your laptop.This operating system is very important to function the device.We cannot run the system without this os.

First step is we want to download the OS.Under this post i have given the link of os for windows 7 you can download that.
Next we need 8 gb pen drive.That pen drive must function as boot able pen drive.Click Here and see the video to change the pen drive as a boot able pen drive.

Next extract your os and copy everything from that file and copy it on your pen drive(Don’t create any folder paste only the file)
Then take your laptop in which you need to install os and then insert that pen drive on that laptop.
That laptop must have minimum 40% charge.Charge should not be decrease below 40% you can also install os on charging your laptop.
Now switch on your laptop to enter into the boot menu press the suitable key for your computer.
(Here i give the boot menu key for every pc and laptops)(i)Lenovo-F12,(ii)Acer-F12,F9 or ESC,(iii)Asus-F8 or ESC,(iv)Dell-F12,(v)HP-F9 or ESC,(vi)Intel-F10,(vii)NEL-F5,(viii)Packard bell-F8,(ix)Samsung-F12,F2 or ESC,(x)Sony-F11,F10 or ESC,(xi)Toshiba-F12.

After you prss the suitable key,Boot menu will display on your screen and your pen drive also display on that screen.Next click that your pen drive then your OS setup will started to install on your laptop. This process will takes minimum 30 minutes.