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How to Change Black and White Photo in Color App In Android

Friends I will share in this post How to Change Black and White Photo in Color App In Android Add colors to your family's old black and white photos using Machine Learning - It's that easy!
The first and original black and white auto-coloring Android app in Google Play.
The app uses an AI algorithm which is not 100%, but it's the best there is out there for the purpose of black and white colorization. Therefore the results may vary from photo to photo, depends on the original quality and size. Please be patient. just open the app, take a photo of your old black & white picture, and share the result!

Find the most saturated and acid filters in Irrational, Surreal and Synthetic packs, enjoy striking color swirls with Psychic, impress your Instagram followers with outstanding effects from Energetic pack, explore the nature-inspired filters of Celestial collection, and discover subtle yet psychedelic effects in Organic. The best filters that have been around since Ultrapop first version can be found in the Classique pack.
Reinvent your photo editing routine with stunning color filters and recompose your pics with geometric shapes!

Download Ultrapop Pro if you:
*use photography to express your own unique vision of the world
*feel inspired by the 80s, vaporwave aesthetics and pop art
*want your selfies and portraits to cause buzz among your followers
*enjoy everything to do with graphic design