How to Check EB Bill Status Online App For Android

Hello Friends Now Share In This Post How to check your EB Bill Status online Making TNEB Bill is now very easier comparing from the previous year. The user also checks your respective bill amount using your current consumption units count. Here we updated exclusive TNEB Online Tariff Calculator to every user. You can just enter the preferred details and check how much you want to pay for the Bi-monthly ratio.

Electricity Bill Checker app All over the Pakistan, India ,Kenya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UAE, Philippines and Malaysia. You can check your E-Bill online free.
Once you enter the reference number and press the submit button you will have a complete detailed soft copy of your electricity current month check and compare if the amount written on the bill is accurate figure.

The different kinds of electricity bills you can find in this app online are as follows.

Features :
Check your current Electricity consumption charges for your consumer account registered with TNEB
Store all your TNEB consumer numbers under Favorites section for future bills checking.
View your previous TNEB bills and slab rates by downloading a PDF file.
Cost Estimation based on the Last Meter Reading.
Make Payment through inside browser
Bill Calculator for the Consumed units.
Know the TNEB power shutdown scheduled areas.

Get notified when TNEB department updated bills on your region.