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how to increase mobile internet speed App on your Smart Phone

Hello Friends Now share in this new post how to increase mobile internet speed It is common that all smart devices get switched to 2G or 3G network mode if there is no 4G coverage available. But some devices face issues for switching to 4G LTE mode even though there is enough LTE coverage. If you are in middle of such issues, here is an app.

4G LTE Only Mode Switch app helps you to find and search for 4G LTE signal. Once you locked to 4G Mode, no other 2g/3g signals won't be catch by your phone so your device will always be in 4G Network.Features · Designed for simplicity and ease of use
Interactive Google Map with colored 4G zones
Automatically identifies your operator/carrier based on your SIM
Driving-optimised with friendly floating bubble to avoid distractions
Audio alerts when you have your Bluetooth on
Multitask with other apps - the bubble stays on top
Exclusive partnerships
Coming soon - Partnership with Uber (exclusively for Driver Partners)
Limited slots available - signup in the Help Center inside the app to save your spot

How it works

This app used crowdsourced information from phones like yours to build a better 4G map for everybody. So, the more you use the app, the more precise and complete the speed map becomes.
We take privacy seriously and do not associate personally identifiable information that can be traced back to you. Please see our privacy policy for more details.
We cover most mobile data networks in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,