How to create cartoon video in your mobile

Hello Friends Today share in this Post How to create cartoon in your android mobile Create your own actors, write a story and press play – it's that simple! Plotagon is a free animation app that makes your stories come to life. Express yourself with an animated movie and share it with the world! App is similar to free version but you can set up to 5 characters in one scene.

Simplified characters has the necessary minimum for quick posing.
For convenience simplified controls also: by finger touch on free area you twist camera, by touch and drag you move body or its parts. Standard zoom and translate view by two fingers.
App is useful for professional animators and students, game developers, storyboard artists and for all fans of animation.

Make your own animated videos
Create yourself, a celebrity or your friends to act in your movie
Record your own voice, add sound effects and music
Share your story on YouTube and other social media apps

Creation, editing and opening scenes, containing information about character, the list of clips (up to 7 on each character) and used land (buildings);
Animation clips creating and editing (up to 64 key frames in each clip, up to 50 files);
Each animation clip can be played on the spot or edited path. For each clip is set up number of cycles and the amount automaticly added inbetween frames for smoothness and speed of playback;
Poses copy, paste, mirroring and reset;
"Ghost" of the previous and next frame enable;
Character selection;
Skins selection for the any characters;
Adding user skins (up to 10 png images);
Props selection;
Lands (buildings) creation and editing of the cubes.