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How to Get notification when you whatsapp friends is online and offline App For Android

Hello Friends Now Share In this New App Get notification when you whatsapp friends is online and offline..This trick is useful for all whatsapp users..This app is free to use..So you can install it.You can safely read your WhastApp messages with our application. Your friends will never know you read them. Whenever you want, just open WhatsApp to be able to reply as usual. Only at that point, when you open Whatspp, you will leave our Incognigo mode, so your friends will see the blue double check. They will not know you already read them before. It works too with hide last seen whatsapp.

Is it not pretty cool? No read receipts, no blue check marks, no check ticks, no blue ticks or last seen conection We use advertising to support the free version: some of the data collected from you in connection with your use of this app, as applicable, is shared or otherwise made available to third parties with whom we are affiliated, and is collected,

As users, we thought having all your friends know when exactly you connected into WhatsApp, and even worse, when exactly you read your messages, is just too much. We're developers, too. So we built an app for that! For no blue double tick or blue double check o chulitos azules o doble chulos azules.
Check your Online/Offline history.
Receive Notification when comes Online.
Total usage time by analysing the Online/Offline Notification
Report of WA Online/Offline.
Simple User Interface.
Help to review how much time spending in WA.
Instant Notification
Download profile Pictures in a Single Click.

Download your WA friends DP & Sync them to phone Contacts