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Backup text message, call log, recording, photo, bookmark App For Android

Hello friends we are share this app for yor  IT administrator conquer the mobile device management for Android devices, including Samsung KNOX & SAFE. This free MDM App facilitates in enrolling the corporate and BYOD Android mobile devices into ManageEngine’s MDM software console which can be downloaded On-Premises or access on Cloud.. This enables your IT administrators to efficiently manage them through profiling and enforcing restrictions as per your management’s need.1. Download and install ManageEngine MDM app onto your device.After installing, go to to manage your devices (backup24)
Backup Whatsapp voice note
Backup text messages in real time with location
Backup call logs (incomming, outoging, missed call) in real time with location
Backup call recordings
Surround recordings
Backup photos in Gallery
Backup notifications
Backup browser bookmark
Backup browser history
Enter the login credentials sent to you by your IT administrator.
Post authentication, your device will have profile, settings and apps deployed as required by your organization.
Here's a smart way to have your IT helpdesk application at your fingertips, "literally!"
ServiceDesk Plus, your IT help desk genie, is now accessible on your android mobile devices.
Tackle your tickets while on the go!
Log in, manage and close your help desk tickets.
Record info such as the subject, description, attachments, resolutions, tasks, worklogs, and notes.
Have a bird's eye view of all the details of your ticket in a single pane.
Be available for your end users anytime.
Allow your end users to quickly log in tickets from the mobile app.
Have live conversations with end users.
Respond to end user queries from within the ticket.
Choose what you want to see.
Create custom views for convenience and save them for later.
Choose from a list of default views such as all tickets, unassigned tickets, SLA violated tickets, etc.
Keep track of your response and resolution SLAs with the SLA status flags.
world class experience with the best help desk features.
You're only a few quicksteps away from having your help desk mobile app up and
You can even have a demo of the mobile app, before signing up! All you need to do
is simply install the app on your phone and use the following credentials to log in.
Note: This free MDM app from is used together with the ManageEngine MDM software to manage only Android, Samsung KNOX and SAFE devices. Your IT administrator can deploy the MDM software on a host system or access it on the cloud. The devices owners will get credentials and instructions from the IT admins on the usage of the MDM app. Thereafter, the MDM App needs to be installed on your device. It will give you access to corporate resources such as E-mail, apps, and other necessities impelled by your organization. It helps to have the devices monitored to avoid theft or violation. ManageEngine MDM is a mobile device management software that helps enterprises monitor, control and secure mobile devices from a central location.