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Best App For Find Your Friends Exact Location Using Whatsapp

Hello Gusy Now share in this post Best App For Find Your Friends Exact Location Using Whatsapp
Ever been in a situation where you want to know where your friend, wife, parent or kid is but you are not able to reach them and they are not responding to your calls? Or your elder parents are travelling and you want to check that they have reached their destination or how close they are for their destination?

No data is sent out of the device (except the responses to chat messages). All data gets deleted whenever the app is uninstalled.Now, there's "Track My Phone" app which will enable you to check and track your friends, family members using the most commonly used chat messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. All you need to do is have the app installed on your dependent's phone. Once installed and all the permissions are granted, you can just send WhatsApp/Telegram messages in particular format and the app will respond with the status.

For example, you want to check your father's location, he has to first have this app installed on his phone. You have to send a WhatsApp message with text "Location 1234" since PIN is 1234 by default. The PIN number can be changed in the Settings of the app. If the PIN is changed to, say 9421, then the WhatsApp message that you have to send to your father's mobile is "Location 9421" (without the quotes) and you will get the location of your father's device.

WhatsApp is a trademark of Facebook and Telegram is trademark of Telegram FZ-LLC. TrackMyPhones is not associated with them in any way. Track My Phones only reads the chat messages from the notification and checks for patterns that match with the commands intended to perform certain actions in the Track My Phone app. If the pattern matches, then the user is notified about it using notification in the notification bar of the device and action is performed accordingly. The app is in compliance with Google Developer Policy and GDPR Policy.

Compliance with Google Play policies and GDPR To be compliant with Google Play policies and GDPR the app does the following Displays notification in notification bar whenever the app runs in background to inform the user about the app running in background. These notifications cannot be disabled and are not optional. Has options within the app to turn off the working of the app where the app stops reading notificationsSaves all the replies within the app so that user known when the app was running and how/what it responded to chat messages with