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How to watch friends Live location photo latest location watching method app for android

Hello friends we are share this app verry use full app When you go to travel and take a picture, I suggest you to enable camera's GPS.fter you able camera's GPS function, then the GPS latitude and longitude will record in the captured photo. This application is help you to check the photo have a GPS info or not. And help to launch the 69Google map. If your photo (jpeg file) doesn't have a GPS info, this application also can help you to edit it. So you can know where to take this picture.

A few years later, you also know where this place is.

Memories are important thing in our life.

So remember enable GPS when take a picture!!!

Function :

1. Fast check/edit photo's GPS information.

2. Fast check photo's camera information.

3. Navigate GPS-POI in google map.

4. Launch to "google map application" with photo's GPS location.

5. When launch this application, the final selected photo will be shown. So it is quickly to index the final selected photo. It is convenient!

Camera focus and zoom operation when preview:

Focus: use one finger to touch the screen.

Zoom: use two fingers to zoom in/out.

External photo viewer to enhance the viewer ability:

This application's photo viewer which we call it "internal viewer". It is easy to use.

If you want more powerful GPS photo viewer, you need use external photo viewer.

Please setup in the setting page. Select "Photo Viewer" item and then choice "external viewer". It means that "when you click the bottom-left second button, application will launch the external viewer". External photo editor:

Currently, this application do not provide photo editor functions by itself.

But it provides external photo editor. You can select one photo and then launch to external photo editor. After edit finished and go back to this application. It helps to copy/move edited photo to your picture save folder. Please check the following description.

Others :

1. It could be slow at first time loading image. After decoding finish, it will be fast.

2. Remember turn on GPS funtion when you take a picture. And the photo will contail GPS info.

3. Your phone need already install "google map application" and "google play service" before run this application.