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Best fun missdcall app for android

Hello friends we Are share thiss app  Missed Call Duration is an AD-FREE android app that shows you the duration of your missed calls. Do you ever wonder about how long your phone was ringing when you missed a call? Or does someone call you only for a few seconds and then hang up? Then this app might be useful to you. Now you can know who gave you only a missed call OR a long ring duration could mean an urgent call you missed. When you get a missed call, this app will keep track of the time and duration. It can also send you a notification if you want.

The program is designed for automatic dialing to city, long-distance, international numbers, as well as SIP and IP . The application supports 2 (two) SIM cards (dual sim). The application has support for scheduled calls. You can specify a schedule for automatic redial with different options. The program has the following types of schedule: once at a specified time and date; recurring daily or on certain days of the week at a specified time; recurring calls after a specified period of time.

If you have problem with delay after select number detail on some phones then try in Settings/Special settings turn on item Disable MMS in lists Auto Detection for calling number: Before each call has been sent out, our system will check the number you dial and give you alert if we find the number doesn't seem to be a valid number according to your auto prefix setting and give you options to continue calling or cancel it to change.

Please note, to server our paid customers better, you have to purchase credit first. Then you can make/receive call and send/receive SMS and buy virtual phone numbers from  countries. We don't offer any service for free. Thank you for your understanding.

Smart Notify is not a full replacement for messaging applications because it does not support sending MMS messages. The setting as the default message application needs to be deleted and partly for sending messages